Do you support more short-term car bays for ‘active users’ at Cottesloe Beach?

Have your say before Tuesday, 28th July.

Despite last year’s community surveys showing very strong support for ‘active’ car bays, Town of Cottesloe is planning to reduce Cottesloe Beach Main Car Park to just 16 car bays, furthest from the beach and main surf break.

Actual regular beach users like surfers over the winter, early morning swimmers & Polar Bears, and short-stay car ocean viewers all use car bays ‘actively’ for short periods to enjoy Cottesloe beach. 

Strong Support

In Town of Cottesloe community surveys in 2019, 30% of people supported Car Park One being used other than just all paved or grassed public space. Of those, around half specifically mentioned ‘short term parking’ for users like surfers or the elderly or infirm who can only enjoy the beach from parked cars. That makes ‘short term active car bays’ the THIRD highest preferred use of Car Park One from that survey.

That's a clear community demand.
In Town of Cottesloe community surveys in 2019, ‘short term active car bays’ were the THIRD highest preferred use of Car Park One.
Other questions in the surveys showed this real demand for an actual use of the Foreshore area:

27 responses to “What Activities do you most enjoy doing at Cottesloe?”

60 responses to “How important is parking to the Foreshore?” – show short term ‘stopping’ is a distinct use of this area. 

Not a single comment in the surveys disagreed with “short term parking (or ‘active’ stopping) – disagreement only focussed on long term car parking.

See some examples of the many responses to the survey below.
What would you do with the area at Car Park 1?

“reasonable access needed by short term beach users... aged and people with disabilities need this facility”

“I would suggest is seasonably available for parking depending on demand. Failing that, keep some short term parking for active uses-in combination with a civic space-such as surf checking, elderly or disabled, ocean viewing in winter”

“Cottesloe beach i# for everyone not just a few and needs to be managed in a careful and considerate manner.”

“Cater for lots of ages and interests”

“I heavily utilise car park 1 for checking the surf in winter. If it could be a grassed area that allows parking in winter but is open recreational space in summer that would be great”

What Activities do you most enjoy doing at Cottesloe?

“by removing car park one it removes access to people who have disability or impairment to access the beach at any point in time. And in such a way is essentially discrimination against people who are unable to access the beach by walking”

“Short-term parking overlooking the main beach for various active uses.”

“surfers are the primary user group of the Cottesloe facilities in winter, parking, beach access, showers etc. they are an under represented group in discussions of user needs.”

“Sitting in the car overlooking Cottesloe Beach. I am 89.”

What mode of travel should have priority on the Foreshore?

“Parking there in winter and viewing the sea is a favorite pastime”

“People with limited mobility due to age or injury need to park close to the beach, as they CAN NOW, sometimes to simply overlook the ocean. For their mental health & physical access.”

“Short term parking is essential , ie leave as is for the greater community”

“I believe that short term active parking should still have priority - so not really finding the appropriate questions being asked”

How important is parking to the foreshore for you?

“..there are those who are aged or infirmed, that sitting in their cars is as close as they can get to it!”
“I park there every day to enjoy looking at the beach and reading in the car when it’s cold and rainy I have had some injuries that made it hard to walk and the car park has been a godsend I see lots of people like me parking and enjoying sitting in their car It is good for the soul to be able to enjoy the way the car park is now”

“Parking gives disabled and aged plus all community members to have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful, healthy life style.”

“If unwell I like to park & look over ocean as a pick me up.”

“Visitors with ambulatory disabilities must be considered and catered for. Closing our favourite sunset view point is a disaster for us.”

“Parking enables all to enjoy Cottesloe in all kinds of weather”

“The particular area in question must be accessible by all as recreational spaces”

“The foreshore needs to be available to people who can only access it by car”

“There is an opportunity to creatively meet the requirements of a primary user group if the council wished.”

“Parking your car along the front is a valid recreation in its own right. For some people That’s ALL THEY CAN DO it their mobility is reduced temporarily or long term.”

“I like to park and look at the ocean . I stay in the car and look due to a sorecleg. Even if its only short term parking it is lovely to take in the air and view” 

“There should be some parking for drop off and pick up - so timed parking. In winter or less busy months the timing could be changed/increased. Could be sunk to reduce impact/views from street level”

“I don’t have good mobility, so every week we spend time sitting in the car overlooking Cottesloe beach”

“To enable access all year round to all people”

“There is a winter demographic of surfers and spectators that use the carpark for proximity to the beach. If it’s raining and stormy walking from car park 2 or neighbouring streets is way less desirable. Cottesloe has a long and rich history of surfing and the community of surfers who gather and meet in the carpark is an important part of that.”

“Allows access for all people”

“The beach is a natural playground that should be accessible by all.” 

So what's happening now?

The Town of Cottesloe is currently completing the detailed design documents for its upgrade of the beachfront Foreshore at Cottesloe Beach. Car Park One is the current large carpark at the Beach, and wll be removed under the plan. A Master-Plan for the Foreshore upgrade was approved by Council late 2019.

Long term beach parking (ie 2 to 3 hour parking) will be moved to other areas, such as the current Car Park Two (on Napier St) which will also be expanded.

So – this survey is not about that ‘long term parking’ for beach or pub goers.
This survey addresses the real, strong community desire for “short term” and “active” car parking at the main Beach area, which was in the Master Plan but risks being reduced significantly as part of the current detailed design phase.

What is ‘short term’ or ‘active’ parking?
This is in reality, “standing” or “stopping” of a vehicle for a short time during an active use of the Beach. For example, those of us who enjoy being able to see a sunset, watch a storm or simply take in iconic Cottesloe Beach on a perfect summer’s day – whilst staying in a car. This includes many elderly or disabled beach users, for whom this is their way of accessing the Beach. 

Over winter, the paved or grassed recreational areas could also be converted to surfer parking, separate from the ‘short term/active’ surf checking bays.

Whilst some may argue that there are ocean viewing car bays or parking for surfers at other beaches in Cottesloe, none of them are Cottesloe Main Beach – suggesting these users “go elsewhere” prevents them from enjoying the Main Beach along with everyone else. A shared, inclusive set of uses is possible – it just needs the current detailed design to reflect the actual uses.

The current design limits ‘short term’ or ‘active parking’ to just 16 bays, away from the Main Beach and main surf break, making it less than ideal for users of it. Only 8 of these 16 bays actually face to the ocean. There is also no mention of grassed or paved areas converted to ‘winter surfer’s parking’.

Current Design

The current detailed design for Cottesloe Beach is at “50% stage”, meaning it is to be approved by Cottesloe Council before proceeding further to the 85% stage. Now is your opportunity to let the Council know what you think of this.

You can view the "50% stage" design here - current proposed 'short term parking' is on pages 27 and 32.

The current design limits ‘short term’ or ‘active parking’ to just 16 bays, away from the Main Beach and main surf break, making it less than ideal for users of that parking. There is also no mention of grassed or paved areas converted to ‘winter surfer’s parking’. Only 8 of these 16 bays actually face to the ocean.

Cottesloe Council wil be voting on this current design on Tuesday 28th July.